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Custom:ax Explained

Learn more about the Custom:ax

The Custom:ax guitar is a pure guitar with the initial concept of sustainability. The guitar is reusable for 98% and there is as few as possible use of synthetic material or plastics. The guitar can be completely disassembled for possible recycling.

If ever anything breaks on the Custom:ax, it can always be repaired. A component then simply will be replaced with a new one. See also the booklet that lists all components.

The Custom:ax is a solid-body guitar (flat-top), where traditional construction is combined with modern techniques. The body is milled out using a computer (CNC), the neck is handmade, the pickguard is machine-cut using watercutting and the finishing is done completely by hand. The assembly of all parts is also done by hand, just like the adjustment of the instrument.

It takes about 6-7 weeks to build your Custom:ax. Patience is key!

How to make the right choice in terms of :ax-model?

There are currently 4 models in the shop. These variaties are based on the bridge. The bridge is leading in construction possibilities for the Custom:ax.

  • Bold:ax has a TV-Jones humbucker bridge that only fits a TV-Jones humbucker;
  • Hard:ax has as a Babicz FCH bridge in which only a full-size humbucker fits;
  • Slick:ax has a Babicz FCH Tele bridge, in which only a single coil pickup or a single-coil-sized humbucker fits;
  • The Wild:ax has a Schaller 3D bridge, where all options are possible for the bridge pickup.

The best choice for the sound

The sound of an electric guitar is defined by the bodywood, the neckwood, the strings and the pickups. In addition, your sound is further defined by your amplifier, guitar effects and your playing technique. The best way to change or improve your sound of your guitar is to alter the pickups. To achieve this, we implemented Sound Exchange – a paid-service – this is a relative easy way to change your pickups on your Custom:ax.

Many options possible with the pickup choice

Because the pickguard is cut mechanically, all pick plates are custom-made. This creates the possibility to place nearly all pickup formats at the same cost.

Special requests

If you can not find the requested part from the list of options, you can submit a request to add it. Use the email address info@salomonsguitars.com. You will then receive a personal message from a possible update to the components list. Requests are appreciated!


The shipment will include:

  • Your Custom:ax
  • Guitarcase, hardcase
  • Booklet with the list of components, incl. Warranty certificate
  • In order to send the package as cheap (low weight) as possible, a light plastic hardcase case is used.


The construction number of the Custom:ax’es are based on the rank of ordering. NL-0011 is the lowest number for sale. The numbers NL-0000 up to NL-0010 are owned by Salomonsguitars.